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At The Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia, we’re passionate about our work with Loading Dock Equipment, Overhead Doors, and related products. We’re a division of DuraServ Corp, and we serve clients throughout Philadelphia and beyond, from King of Prussia to Levittown. We are exceptionally knowledgeable about the products we sell, and we can install and service everything we sell, from Dock Levelers & Lifts to Commercial Door Products and Safety Equipment.

Our dedicated employees can assist at any stage of the process, whether you’re building a completely new structure and need our Loading Dock Design Services or you’re upgrading your existing property with brand new hi-speed doors. We also maintain a fleet of trucks and qualified service professionals ready to assist with routine maintenance or Emergency Service.

The Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia. We're Here to Upgrade Your Bottom Line

When you work with The Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia, you benefit from purchasing your Overhead Doorfrom a company known across the country for quality products and installation. You also benefit from our connection to DuraServ Corp, a company with more than 20 years of experience in Loading Docks, Doors, and Related Equipment. We can help with any installation, design, or repair challenge facing your company, and we’re excited to bring our talented employees and quality equipment to the table.

Let Us Install Your Loading Dock Equipment & Overhead Doors

We’re primarily known for our work with Loading Dock Equipment and Overhead Doors. Still, we also sell and install aftermarket products that can enhance the efficiency of your operation and boost the profitability of your company. Some of the Safety Equipment we offer includes Impact Barriers to protect your personnel and equipment, Master Control Panels for integrated loading dock operations, and Truck Restraints from respected companies like Kelley and Serco.

Not only can we upgrade your Loading Dock Levelers, but we can also improve or enhance your Dock Seals and Shelters, as well as all the overhead doors at your facility. We’ve handled installations at many facilities like parking garages, warehousing facilities, various service centers, and manufacturing plants.

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Combining essential company goals with impressive employee commitment helps us operate as a service and values-driven company. We want to take care of every customer as if they were members of our own family, which means treating our employees and customers with the respect everyone deserves. We’re a team of Dedicated Loading Dock Professionals who work to meet six goals each day and with each customer interaction we have. Here are those guiding principles.​

Not only do we focus on selling industrial and commercial equipment, but we operate as a Service-First Business. We want to ensure that each customer has the best experience possible during every interaction with our staff, and that’s why we Treat Everyone With Respect, whether you’re part of a Fortune 500 company or you’re a small business staple on Main Street.

We want our customer interactions to be the start of a fruitful relationship between our company and yours. This is why we use a One-Customer, One-Contact communication policy. When you start your working relationship with us, we want to ensure you don’t have to spend unnecessary time on the phone. We are a customer-focused organization, and that’s why our customers return to us, time and time again.

We’re able to complete work on virtually any scale. Being a subsidiary of DuraServ Corp enhances our ability to take on projects with multi-state retailers and Companies with a national presence. Overall, we’re part of more than 12,000 service transactions every year. Our experience with national retailers has prepared us for work with virtually any business of any size, even if it’s a humble operation with a single distribution center in Reading or a warehouse in Bensalem.

We are nothing without the trust of our employees and the confidence of our customers, and we approach each project with the strength and intelligence of our entire team of Loading Dock Technicians and Overhead Door Experts. Whether you’re a distributor in Langhorne or a secure facility in Doylestown, we’ve got the technicians, service professionals, and salespeople to make sure your project gets off the ground and takes flight as soon as we can make it happen.

We regularly hold company-wide meetings with our employees to discuss company matters and offer details on upcoming projects and priorities. We know that we are fortunate to have such dedicated employees on our staff, and we endeavor to treat them with respect at every pass. Our commitment to our employees ensures they return that commitment through hard work, ingenuity, and effortless loyalty.

Many of our employees have been with the company for years, and we expect that they will remain with us for many years to come. Additionally, we have some employees with us who have more than 40 years of experience in the industry, and they’re an incredible asset to our employee teams and our clients. We are leading the nation and Pennsylvania in Loading Dock Equipment and Overhead Door Installation because of the experience and perseverance of our employees.

The Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia is Here for You

We want to be the company you call when you have any project lined up for your loading dock area, warehouse, distribution center, or another facility. Overhead doors and loading dock equipment from The Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia can fuel your company’s growth throughout this decade and beyond, and we want to be your partner in upgrading, improving, and enhancing your loading dock operations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive.


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