Whether you’re a Facility Services Provider or your business is Property Management, Overhead Door of Philadelphia provides comprehensive loading dock, door and equipment service and maintenance 24/7/365 to national customers with large-scale facilities and to single facility customers.

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Commercial Fan Steel Guard Rail Vertical Reciprocating Lift Strip Curtains Column Protector Hi -Speed Door Fire Door Vertical Levellers Master Control Panel DuraFlex Flexible D Guard Rails Canopy Safety Chock Inflatable Dock Seal Sectional Door Integrated Truck Restraint Rolling Steel Door Dock Shelter Hydraulic Dock Leveler Truck Restraint Knock-Out Door Ultra-Seal Truck Leveler Warning Lights and Signs Dock Lift Dock Seal

Commercial Fan

HVLS fans are meant to move a lot of air, but they do much more than that. With an airfoil style five-blade design, these high-volume low-speed fans work hard to circulate efficiency and positively impact many factors within your facility. They balance the internal environment with a gentle mass of air or “floor jet,” which creates a more even temperature to protect product integrity and prevent potential product spoilage.

Steel Guard Rail

  • Standard posts available in double rail (42″) and single rail (18″); custom
    posts upon request
  • Optional removable/swing gate available
  • Add rails to existing system as your needs grow
  • Easily installed and/or relocated to fit your changing application needs

Vertical Reciprocating Lift

Transports multiple pallet loads, large carts and heavy machinery between two more levels. With both upward and downward motion, this helps move items between multi-level applications.

Strip Curtains

Strip curtains doors can provide quick access into and out of doorways without having to open a door. Strip curtains can also be used as walls to divide two areas in the facility.

Column Protector

Column protectors attach to your rack uprights, protecting them from the abuse from collisions with your forklifts. They are ideal for intermediate rack uprights where high visibility and a flexible layer of protection is most needed. The product is designed to absorb impact by flexing, returning to shape to work again.

Hi -Speed Door

Hi-Speed doors offer high performance for interior and exterior applications where speed, low maintenance, and dependability are critical.

Fire Door

Fire Doors provide a practical and innovative solution to safety and fire protection. fire doors in all areas, including auto-reset testing capability; smooth, quiet operation; and reliable, long-lasting performance.

Vertical Levellers

Master Control Panel

DuraFlex Flexible D

Guard Rails


Safety Chock

Manual Safety-Chock provides loading docks with a cost-effective, versatile wheel restraint solution, and is capable of engaging and restraining the wide range of trailers that come to the dock, including trucks with lift gates, damaged Rear Impact Guards, or different axle configurations. Easy installation, simple operation, and minimal maintenance provide a lower lifetime cost of ownership than other wheel restraint systems, and its ergonomic design enables easy maneuvering for accurate and reliably safe operation.

Inflatable Dock Seal

Inflatable dock is designed for wider and taller doorways and loading docks that serve a wide variety of vehicle sizes including vehicles with extended tailgates or hydraulic lifts.

Sectional Door

Steel sectional doors are designed to meet the needs of most industrial applications.

Integrated Truck Restraint

The SLP is installed in a pit under the leveler and, when retracted, offers a clean dock face, allowing unobstructed access to smaller delivery vehicles, trailers with hydraulic lift gates and an open drive for unimpeded snow plowing or drive cleanup.

The hydraulically activated SLP effectively controls vehicle movement by grabbing and holding the rear impact guard throughout the loading/unloading process.

Rolling Steel Door

Rolling steel doors mount to the walls and work well when space is an issue

Dock Shelter

Ultra-Seal – ULTRA-SEAL® Foam Dock Seal with Head Pad is a patented design that provides the insulating benefits of a dock seal and the full trailer access of a dock shelter. The one-piece, diagonal-cut foam construction, with internal retention straps, enhances foam memory and retention while looking good on your dock for years. It seals the rear hinge gap on trailers without obstructing the doorway. The Ultra-Seal with head curtain allows for varying trailer heights.

Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Truck Restraint

PitBull restraints are available in a variety of models to suit virtually any loading dock operation or configuration in the industry. Power – PitBull Safety-Loc series powered restraints provide automatic push-button activation with advanced electronics and standard LED communication systems for increased dock safety and security. Driveway or wall-mounted units available.

Mechanical – PitBull Safety-Loc series mechanical restraints are manually activated and offer lower day-to-day operating costs, higher up-time performance and operational simplicity. Some units can be combined with a light communication package for clear communication.

Knock-Out Door

Damaged dock doors are a common problem for busy loading docks and drain valuable resources that affect your bottom line. The Knock Out door is designed to prevent damage to the door panels and track when impacted and is the industry’s most rugged door.


Truck Leveler

A truck leveler is used when the truck is too high or too low for the dock. It is used to safely raise or lower the vehicle to match the height of the dock.

Warning Lights and Signs

Dock Lift

Dock lifts allow for safe loading and unloading in various dock applications.

Dock Seal

Dock seals provide an effective barrier against the elements which can be critical for keeping cool air inside cold storage facilities. Dock seals provide a tight seal around all three sides of the trailer.

Maximizing Productivity, Safety and Value starts with Intelligent Loading Dock Design

Working with your architects and/or facility manager, our team of experts is ready to get involved in your loading dock design from inception. That way, we ensure you specify and install the exact loading dock equipment you need to optimize performance (down to the last dock bumper). Everything is done to your measurements and capacity requirements. Call today for a free needs assessment.

Taking Time to Plan pays Dividends

The most obvious benefit of involving our experts at the early planning stage is improved productivity – everything just works better and more smoothly.
Take proactive steps to improve safety by identifying risks and installing the needed safety equipment from the beginning.
Proper planning saves time, reduces capital costs and eliminates the need for future retrofits or upgrades. And proactive maintenance plan can be scheduled and predictable so downtime is minimal.

Critical Design Details

Our experts are knowledgeable in design considerations such as minimum distances, standard bay widths, required clearances, maximum capacities, slope grade and more. Critical details like this must be taken into account for a successful project.

The most obvious benefit of involving our experts at the early planning stage is improved productivity – everything just works better and more smoothly.