DGBM Serco Dock-Guard Safety Gate

SERCO Safety Gate: Designed for Peace of Mind

In a busy loading dock, an open, unprotected dock opening is an accident waiting to happen.

Increased Safety

The Serco Dock GuardTM Safety Gate, in a closed position, protects personnel, goods and equipment from inadvertently falling off the loading dock through an open dock door.

Save on Maintenance Costs

Overhead door damage is often the highest maintenance expense at busy distribution docks. The barrier protects the dock doors, door tracks and hardware from damage due to accidental forklift impact. There’s no need for expensive concrete-filled pipe bollards on the dock floor.

In a raised position, the Safety Gate allows free traffic movement from the dock to the truck bed. The Dock Guard is tested to stop a 15,000-lb. load travelling at 4 mph without any damage to the pivoting mechanism or support structure. The barrier arm itself can easily be replaced if damage occurs.