Hormann-Flexon Rubber Doors

Hormann-Flexon Rubber Doors

Minimal Maintenance and Reliable

Slow-moving, unreliable doors can seriously burden industrial operations. Whether you’re in mining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, or the lumber industry, traditional industrial doors are slow, inefficient and prone to damage. Most often, they can prevent your business from streamlining everyday processes and maximizing profits.

You need a door that can hold up to the rigors of your business, yet still provide a long-lasting and reliable performance. That’s why many industries are turning to Hörmann’s TNR rubber doors for high-performance rubber doors. Our large rubber roll-up doors offer incredible efficiency and dependability, while still providing plenty of protection from the harsh elements of your demanding applications.

Our high-performance rubber doors are suitable for applications up to 20 feet in width or height. They are finely crafted using durable, high-density SBR rubber reinforced with a polyester core weave. With an opening speed of up to 18 inches per second and spring assemblies rated for over 100,000 cycles, our high-performance industrial doors are fast, durable, and completely reliable.

Best of all, when considering the full life-cycle cost, which includes maintenance, replacement parts, and energy savings, among many others, Hörmann’s TNR rubber doors are less expensive than many comparable metal or wooden door alternatives. Our rubber roll-up doors are designed and built with a proprietary rubber curtain, Newgen® aluminum guide and CurtainLok™ system. This unique design enables a TNR door to withstand a vehicle impact, be reset and continue running within minutes, minimizing downtime and repair costs.

So, whether your business is in the agriculture, manufacturing or transportation industry, don’t settle for traditional, slow industrial doors. Invest in a high-performance, high-speed rubber door from Hörmann, and revolutionize your operation!