Kelley Hulk Kombo Dock

Kelley KD Series KOMBO DOCK Lift

The Kelley KD Series KOMBO DOCK Lift marries the speed and efficiency of a hydraulic dock leveler with the versatility of a heavy-duty scissor lift, eliminating the need for dedicated docks equipped with expensive concrete ramps or dock lifts. This dock leveler and scissor lift combination can service almost any “above grade” application.The KOMBO DOCK Lift can service almost any style of trailer or van from grade-level to 59” (1,499 cm) above grade.

Unlike standard scissors lifts, the Kelley KOMBO DOCK’s hydraulically powered dock lip ensures faster cycling times. With up to 20,000lb. (9,072 kg) lifting capacity the KOMBO DOCK can handle the toughest loads while also providing dock-to-grade level forklift access.