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For today’s commercial facilities in Philadelphia, the Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia is here to assist with installing Loading Dock Levelers, Loading Dock Lifts, and Loading Dock Accessories. Our equipment helps you maintain the most efficient pace possible in loading and unloading goods at your loading docks. We’re ready to improve your manufacturing operation, commercial loading dock environment, or industrial facility. 

As a division of DuraServ Corp., we can take on jobs of any size and scope. We install Hydraulic Dock Levelers, Air-Powered Dock Levelers, and Mechanical Dock Levelers by Serco and Kelley, two of the most respected loading dock equipment industry businesses. We also have specialty dock levelers like Edge-of-Dock Levelers that can help improve your dock operations. Our dock and in-plant lifts are essential to your loading dock operations, and we have several models available.

Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia carries the full line of Serco and Kelley dock levelers and liftsConnect with us online or call us today at 251-352-4805 for a free quote.


Kelley and Serco mechanical dock levelers set the industry standard for durability, dependability, operator safety, and are built to last with unlimited float hold-down.

We Sell & Install Dock Levelers & Dock Lifts 

One of the most essential parts of the modern supply chain is the loading dock, where the loading and unloading of goods may occur for your business. The old equipment that fails often and needs constant repair can become a source of significant loss in your operation. When your loading dock environment begins falling behind because of old equipment and frequent repairs, it’s time to call the Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia for help. 

Not only can we offer help by installing the Best Dock Levelers and Dock Lifts the industry has to offer, but we can also help you choose your new equipment, as well as design an entirely new loading dock environment. We can handle every facet of your loading dock project, from the initial concept and preliminary design to the regular maintenance that we can perform, which will help you protect your investment and keep your loading dock equipment in good working order.

All About Our Dock Levelers 

We select the Industry’s Best manufacturers and Dock Levelers for your project when handling your loading dock upgrade or construction. While we’re available for service calls at any time of the day or night, we want to make sure your calls are infrequent, so we emphasize getting your installation right the first time. If you’re seeking a Mechanical Dock Leveler, we can recommend a handful of Kelley and Serco models.  

Suppose you’re looking for a Hydraulic Dock Leveler. In that case, we can offer many Kelley and Serco models like the Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HFC or the Kelley Model HK Hydraulic Dock Leveler. We can install the Kelley Model CM Mechanical Dock Leveler or the Serco Mechanical Edge-of-Dock Leveler. These sturdy levelers are ready for the material handling challenges of distribution centers, warehouses, food & beverage plants, and industrial operations. 

Dock Lifts. Everything You Need to Know 

One piece of equipment commonly used in a loading dock environment is a ramp that helps move goods from a truck to the ground level or from the ground level to the truck. Unfortunately, ramps can create problems when there isn’t much room for the equipment, and they can also create dangers for your employees. One way to reduce the inherent risk and hassle of a ramp is to Use a Dock Lift, and we have several options.  

We carry almost a dozen lifts by Kelley, one of the most respected manufacturers for Loading Dock Lifts. Our lifts offer benefits like turntables, which help improve operational efficiency and ergonomic design, such as the KLT Series Scissor Lift Table. We sell lifts that provide portability and machines that are easy to use, which may reduce the accidents that could otherwise occur with complex equipment that wasn’t designed with a user-friendly interface.

Dock Levelers & Lifts: Brands We Carry 

We know our reputation rests on the shoulders of the equipment and brands we install, and that’s why we work with Serco and Kelley Dock Levelers and Lifts. Kelley has been manufacturing loading dock equipment since the early 1950s, with that company’s founder being credited for inventing the first Counterbalanced Dock Leveler. We select loading dock manufacturers with a history of innovative design, reliable products, and respect from the industry. 

We use products from companies like Serco and Kelley because their offerings help us provide comprehensive service to our customers who may need a full array of loading dock equipment, including levelers, lifts, accessories, and overhead doors. We train our employees to provide Superior Installation Services, as well as expert repair during service calls. We expect the select Loading Dock Lifts and Loading Dock Levelers we sell are the best for companies that rely on loading docks that operate 24/7. 


Loading Dock Design Services 

Not only do we provide parts, service, and installation for your loading dock equipment, but we also offer Loading Dock System Design. We can assist at any phase of your project, from the initial planning stages to the final design and equipment choice. As a division of DuraServ, we’re able to provide our customers with service and maintenance at any time of the day or night, and we also can tackle large-scale facilities, as well as single facility clients. 

With our Loading Dock Design Services, we can improve your company’s productivity, offer a safer environment for your employees, and lower your capital costs. When you rely on us for quality equipment and service, you don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses or increases in your capital spending. We’d love to meet with you if you’re in the planning stages of your loading dock project. Let us bring the best Loading Dock Levelers and Dock Lifts to your door. 


Get Parts & Service for Your Loading Dock Equipment 

We have the loading dock equipment you need to survive just about anything your industry throws at you, from high-security facilities to heavy industrial sites. Whether it’s an auto dealership that operates at a relentless pace or a transportation hub that operates 24/7, we have the loading dock lifts, levelers, and accessories to make your loading dock efficient and safe. Contact the professionals at the Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia today for more information on our loading dock levelers and lifts.

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Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia, a division of DuraServ, offers complete solutions for commercial loading dock system demands from designing, sales, installation, and service. Our expert sales consultants help discover the perfect solution for your loading dock needs within your budget.

DuraServ was awarded the 2019 Serco/Kelley Top Volume Distributor for the 16th year.

We service Allentown, Bensalem, Doylestown, King of Prussia, Langhorne, Levittown, Philadelphia, Reading, PA, and surrounding areas.

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